Junk food game redux.

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This week’s assignment was to improve upon a previous project by cleaning up and rewriting some of the code for the project. I was excited to spend more time working on my junk food game I built with Jamie last week because there were still a number of things I thought I could improve.

Here’s the updated version of our game.

Before I’d done too much work on revising the code, Jamie told me she’d done some work and had (amazingly!) moved some things around and cleaned up a lot of the code we’d written last week. I added some cosmetic changes to the game, including a change in the animation that occurs when the mouth touches food.

Overall, here are some of the major things that were fixed in the new code:


  • One of the reasons the code from the original game was so long was because for each piece of food, we’d had to write code with directions. In the updated version, Jamie defined a new function so that each piece of food had a set of consistent parameters. The new function looked like this:

function Food(f, s, p, ip) {

For each piece of food, f = load the image, s = speed of fall, p = points if it hits the mouth (either +10 or -10) and ip = if you hit the poop. The function was defined at the end of the code after function setup() and function draw():

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.10.24 PM

In function setup() we’d already established what each of these parameters would be for each piece of food:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.10.06 PM

That helped simplify the code considerably, since we could just write a general formula for the entire game rather than for each piece of food individually.

  • In the older version of the game, there was a slight jitter when you clicked the initial button. The jitter was fixed by changing the function from ‘mouseIsPressed’ to ‘mousePressed.’ This seemed to fix the problem altogether.
  • Last week, we struggled to change the final “end” screens so that the screen cleared once the game finished. When you win or when you eat the poop, there are two different screens that are displayed. Here’s what the screen looked like last week:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.59.41 PM

We updated the code to fix the error (with some added vulgarity because this is just for fun anyway):

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.06.50 PM

I thought overall that we made some good improvements to the code without changing the structure of the game overall. I’ve got to give Jamie a lot of the credit for simplifying the codeĀ and giving a much stronger architecture to the game we had built. I really want to keep improving the game!

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