Raw footage from our film project.

For our video assignment, our group decided that the piece we had initially decided to film might prove too difficult to complete in the timeframe we had. We chose to scrap the idea altogether and start again from the beginning.

Katie suggested that instead of doing a documentary-style piece we should focus on a simple narrative piece inspired by the Nico song “These Days.” It’s a melancholy song about a woman whose lover has left her and the ways in which that loss colors her daily life as she walks around the city. We were interested in exploring the ways in which the environment in which we live comes to mirror our internal emotions. I’ve discussed with friends the ways in which New York City has this remarkable ability to reflect your feelings back at you so that you are constantly being confronted by yourself.

With that in mind, we mapped out our storyboard and shot list. We knew that there were some locations we were set on filming: Coney Island, a coffee shop, a corner grocery store, etc. We also knew that new ideas would reveal themselves to us along the way and so we started the shoot with an open mind.

I should add that Naoki and Katie decided I should play the part of the young woman in the film (gahhhh). Here are some highlights from the footage:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.53.33 PM




Overall, I think that Naoki, Katie, and I got fairly adept at adjusting the settings on the camera. We were able to adjust the aperture and ISO in a hurry by the end of the day. I felt so much more confident by the end that I could use the camera well and that we had gotten some really good shots, especially at Coney Island.

It was difficult to capture all the scenes we wanted in one day so we are planning to record some additional footage this week. We have a good sense of the narrative structure, but one goal for this week is to nail down, shot by shot, what the film will look like.

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