Animation project: Cornelia.

Back in 2011, I worked on an oral history project aimed at collecting stories from individuals who had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy in New York. One of the people I interviewed, a Dutch woman named Cornelia, had been evacuated from her home in Long Beach before the storm hit. During my interview with Cornelia, she told some stories about working in Holland after WWII, living in Paris and meeting her Vietnamese American husband, moving to America, and finally the ordeal of being evacuated from her home.

For our animation project, Regina and I knew that we wanted to animate based on an existing audio interview. We both liked the idea of an elderly person telling a story about their youth – and I remembered my interview with Cornelia.

We plan to animate a story Cornelia told about how she met her husband in Paris and the pains he went through to convince her to marry him. Here is the storyboard we created for the final animation:





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