Principles of design.

Here’s an example of a website that I thought exhibited many of the principles of good design we discussed in class. The site was designed by Alt Group for Silo Theatre, located in New Zealand, for their 2012 season.

Here’s what the site looked like:


Grid. The site has a proportional composition, with elements organized according to a regular grid pattern.


Composition: There is a lot of negative space on the site, which eliminates some of the visual “noise” of the information presented. In terms of layout, the Silo logo is most prominent, located in the top left corner. The main menu is also easy to identify. As you scroll down, you can find┬ámore detailed information about individual productions.


Typography. The typefaces used here are clean, sans-serif fonts.


Color. The color palette on the site is very minimal. There are only three colors: black, white, and pink (hex #f3ccde). In researching Silo Theatre further, I found that every season the theater kicks off a new branding campaign with a different color. For instance, this year the site is using a palette of black, white, and yellow (hex #ead863).


Overall, I loved the site concept, the clean composition, and the simple color palette.

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