Illustration of me by Jaryn Bunney.

Hi guys, I’m Becca. Welcome to my head. This blog will serve as a repository for ideas, projects, and works in progress undertaken during my time at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Everyone I’ve met this week through NYU’s ITP program has one thing in common: We’re interested in too many things. In fact, many of us wear our cross-disciplinary backgrounds as a badge, putting our faith in the complex web of ideas to which we’ve hitched our wagons. This week I’ve had conversations with students in my classes who are neuroscientists, circus performers, graphic designers, industrial designers, physicists, marketers, and filmmakers. We’re all over the board — one of the reasons I know I’m in the right place.

My academic and professional background is varied. I obtained a B.A. in Arabic language and Middle East politics, with a focus on tribalism in the MENA region. Since then, I’ve spearheaded several oral history projects in New York and Utah, volunteered with Arab refugee communities, done freelance work as an illustrator and designer, worked to develop content strategy for a marketing department at a tech company, and with most of my evenings and free time, I write as much as I can.

I’m interested in understanding the kinds of collective stories that are told in communities. I want to explore the relationship different cultures and communities develop with their physical environment and landscape. During my time at ITP, I’d like to develop tools and projects that explore participatory storytelling in its many forms. I’d also like to spearhead some transmedia projects that explore these ideas.

My goals this semester are to (1) get uncomfortable every day; and (2) allow myself to become okay with building something before I’ve totally mapped out a conceptual framework.

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