SmartPharmacist: Redux.

Welcome to SmartPharmacist, Rebecca.

Based on our analysis of your condition, we would suggest you start with a low dosage of Levodivdivphine to treat your bipolar disorder.

Levodivdivphine is a antiparkinsonian drug that is prescribed for bipolar disorder and inflated asshole cancer.

Suggested daily dosage is 5 pills a day taken orally, or rubbing the gel form of the drug on your testy lower thigh.

Once upon a time, individuals suffering from bipolar disorder syndrome were prescribed Concerta and AndroGel, but new advancements in the field of fist Physics has helped doctors better remedy this disorder.

Side effects of Levodivdivphine may include: bloody urine, effective toenail, kidney duplex, penile torsion, prideful asshole, and weight increase.

This week, we learned how to write functions in our Python programs. For my assignment, I revisited last week’s SmartPharmacist .py program I wrote, which gives terrible drug advice based on your symptoms. The outcome of the program is the same, but the code I wrote streamlines a lot of the action that takes place.

I wrote two functions – one that streamlines random.choice() and one that more cleanly creates the drug name.

Here’s the rewrite of the code:

You can find the full repository on GitHub.

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